Grassroots racing, Porsche 944 LDRC style

Ultraray Motorsports powered by Mantis Autosport

We’re thrilled to be featured on in this mid-season update from Mantis owner Jon Dunski. At Mantis Autosport we love to share our passion for motorsports and racing with seasoned track veterans and new comers alike!

As a team of Porsche enthusiasts, we stuck with the 944 platform as it’s our passion, yet it also has an 80L factory-installed fuel tank and a 50/50 weight balance, making it the perfect endurance machine. With proper preventative maintenance and a healthy base block, they are very reliable; combined with the 2.5L and 2.7L platform being eight valve heads, doing a head gasket or swapping heads is easily done in the paddock. You name it, we’ve done it in the paddock – gearboxes, head change, alternators, etc.

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